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Reduce your carbon footprint: Say no to bottled water!
The bottled water industry - led by Nestlé, Coke, and Pepsi - aggressively promotes bottled water through sexy marketing campaigns that undermine people's trust in public water systems.

Photo by Pinky Kushner
Fee proposal would move towards privatizing Arboretum
Is Golden Gate Park going to be turned into an expansive series of commercial attractions?

Mirkarimi appointed to Coastal Commission
The state Senate Rules Committee has appointed San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi to the California Coastal Commission.

Good news for clean air at California ports
There is much good news on ending seaport pollution in California, including at the Port of Oakland, the Bay Area's single largest source of air pollution.

Patterson Ranch update
Fremont is expected to release the long-delayed Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for proposed development at Patterson Ranch by early May.

It's time for San Francisco to charge more for short-term parking
Among San Francisco's efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, it has been studying raising parking fees to market rates for all categories of parking.

Attaining the strongest protections for Marin's shoreline areas
The county's Local Coastal Program (LCP), which guides all land use and development in the coastal zone, has strong protections, stronger even than those that apply to the rest of the county in the Countywide Plan.


20 - 40 visions and revisions, before the development of the Albany shoreline
After decades of development battles, a new land-owner and a new process are probably going to finally shape development - of parks and commercial uses - on the Albany shoreline.

Graywater rising
To reuse our wastewater - once is not enough!

12.5 million gallons entered our watershed in 2008 alone.

Banner at Sierra Club's Captial Hill office
The Employee Free Choice Act is a key bill for the Sierra Club's clean-energy efforts.


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