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Articles from the May - June 2009 Yodeler

Mandala by Cody Chancellor (
Local energy and global climate change
Working in the Bay Area and California for greener energy.

Marin Clean Energy charges forward towards contracts
Marin County is forging ahead with its plans to obtain a much greater percentage of its electricity from clean, renewable energy sources.

San Francisco advances on CleanPowerSF
In San Francisco we've certainly had our share of delay and frustration in seeing the City's energy plans move toward fruition. Lately, however, we've seen some encouraging developments.

San Francisco seeks a biodiesel future
As part of the effort to make San Francisco's city operations carbon-neutral by 2020, Mayor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order calling for the use of B20 (20% biodiesel, 80% petroleum diesel) in all of the city's diesel vehicles.

Oakland to develop Energy and Climate Plan
The city of Oakland has a chance to show environmental leadership in the coming months as it prepares an Energy and Climate Action Plan (ECAP).

Berkeley's Climate Plan - the City Council weighs in
Measure G, the Berkeley initiative that passed by 81% in November 2006, launched an elaborate process that led this April 6 to the third version of the city's Climate Action Plan (CAP).

Stopping gas-fired power plants - in Hayward, Bay Area, and beyond
In 2001, faced with an apparent energy shortage, California revised state law to promote development of fossil-fueled power plants.

Must permit fees be obstacles for solarizing businesses?
Sierra Club volunteer survey finds wide discrepancies in fees, some clearly unreasonable.

Stockton legal victory helps prod local government on global warming
A great legal settlement obtained in October by the Sierra Club, in a case challenging the city of Stockton's General Plan update, has demonstrated the power of litigation as part of an overall campaign to prod counties and cities to address global warming.

Speeding toward plug-in vehicles
The Bay Area in recent years has been a hotbed of activity around electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, and now things are really heating up.

Update on our Future Sea Level project
Since January, the Aquarium of the Bay, our partner in the Future Sea Level project, has been offering a free climate-change class to San Francisco middle- and high-school students.

Carbon markets - buying and selling the right to pollute
Carbon-pollution markets, where governments give companies the right to pollute and allow them to buy and sell such rights (a "cap and trade" system), are being widely adopted as one of the largest - and most controversial - tools for limiting climate change.

Cutting emissions, not "offsetting" them
If a polluter pays someone else to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, should the polluter get credit?

"Feed-in tariffs" - a proven path for greening California's electricity
How can California encourage investors to generate renewable electricity?

Raising the state's standard for renewable power - 33% by 2020
California once led the world in renewable energy. We have the power to take back the lead.

Renewable energy - all electrons on board - using all resources now
How should we plan to generate renewable energy?

State rewards PG&E for not conserving
When California electrical utilities meet goals for energy efficiency, the California Public Utilities Commission rewards them extra profits that result in rate increases. On the other hand, when they fail to meet the targets - the CPUC rewards them anyway.

Bird deaths and the lessons for wind power of Altamont Pass
The Altamont Pass Wind Power Resource Area provides a cautionary lesson on what can go wrong when impacts are not studied and fully considered before projects are constructed.


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