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Classified ads

January 4, 2012 Leave a Comment (Edit)

Classified ads in the print edition of the Yodeler cost $8 per line of up to 45 spaces (including letters, numerals, punctuation, each character in any e-mail or web address, and one space between each pair of words), plus $8 additional for each e-mail or web address.

Deadlines are the first of each odd-numbered month for the issue to be mailed in the second half of that month. Late ads may be delayed till the following issue.

To submit, type or print text on an 8-1/2 by 11 sheet, enclose a check payable to “Sierra Club”, and send to:

Sierra Club Yodeler Classifieds
2530 San Pablo Ave., Suite I
Berkeley, CA 94702.

To be sent a tear sheet, enclose a stamped, self-ad­dressed envelope. It is helpful if you also e-mail your text to, but the order is not complete until we receive your check.

Questions: Don Forman, (510)848-0800, ext. 305.

Display ads (boxed ads in other sections of the paper) are a completely separate department. For information contact Ellen Felker, (510)548-0725 or