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The Tree Planting Team meets on Saturdays at 9 am. We generally meet in north Oakland at 627 62nd St. (at Shattuck Ave, near Ashby BART map).

You can bike or walk to the meeting place, but some planting sites are far away, and so we also need drivers willing to carry people and tools in their cars.

If you use Meetup, you may sign up for our tree plantings through our San Francisco Bay Chapter Sierra Club meetup group as well.

Get a great start on your weekend by planting trees in Oakland!

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Volunteers from the San Francisco Bay Chapter have been helping Oakland continue its public tree-planting program since early 2010. We have planted 829 trees (as of June 2013), and we intend to plant hundreds more this year.

What: planting trees that Oakland homeowners have requested. The Sierra Club delivers the trees from a nursery to each front yard or driveway, so that the tree is waiting to be planted along the sidewalk.

Who: you and your friends. No experience is needed, and people who aren’t Sierra Club members are also welcome. We will organize you into teams of three or four, including at least one experienced planter who can teach the newbies. You should be able to lift 30 pounds (half of the weight of a new tree). Wear closed-toed shoes, clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty, and a hat for sun protection; bring water and a snack. We provide the shovels, picks, brooms, and gloves.

How: dig a hole, remove the tree from its pot and put it into the ground, restore the soil around the roots, and sweep the sidewalk clean. Most teams can plant 3 – 5 trees in four hours. Other Sierra Club volunteers will do the follow-up work, such as installing steel stakes to help the young trees stay upright.

Where: the trees may be anywhere in Oakland, but we meet first to organize into teams, distribute the tools, and go to the planting sites. We generally meet in north Oakland at 627 62nd St. (at Shattuck Ave, near Ashby BART), but please check with us to confirm.

When: Saturday mornings, 9 am to 1 pm. We've paused for dry season, but will start again October 19. Join us as often as you like. Teams will leave the meeting place shortly after 9. If it is raining heavily, we won’t plant on that day.

For more information or to join our mailing list of planters, contact or (510)848-0800.