San Francisco Bay Chapter Sierra Club

June 2014 Endorsements

The endorsements on this page are for Bay Chapter (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Francisco Counties) elections only. For information on other chapters' endorsements, follow this link.

Statewide Races

Insurance Commissioner

Dave Jones

Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

House of Representatives

Mike Honda (District 17)

Barbara Lee (District 13)

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors

John Gioia (District 1)

Zone 7 Water Agency Board

Matt Morrison


Marin County

House of Representatives

Jared Huffman (District 2)

State Senate

Mike McGuire (District 2)

Board of Supervisors

Susan Adams (District 1)

Ross Valley Sanitation District Board

Pamela Meigs


San Francisco, City and County

House of Representatives

Nancy Pelosi (District 12)

State Assembly

David Campos (District 17)

Vote YES on Proposition A

Earthquake Bonds

Vote YES on Proposition B

Let the Voters Protect the Waterfront

More information about some of the above endorsements


McGuire for State Senate (District 2)
Vote for Mike McGuire for state Senate in District 2.
Not only is Sonoma County Supervisor Mike McGuire’s environmental knowledge and record outstanding, his responsiveness to Sierra Club concerns has surpassed “anything we’ve ever seen before”, says Sonoma Group conservation chair Suzanne Doyle. McGuire's election to the State Senate in District 2 will give the North Bay and North Coast another truly exceptional representative, who promises to become a legislative leader in Sacramento from the beginning. We endorse him proudly and urge all to vote for him on June 3. To find out more and to join in his campaign, visit


Vote David Campos for Assembly District 17
At a time when the state legislature is weakening laws and defeating environmental protection, the Assembly needs people who will fight for the environment when big business is putting on the pressure.
This is why the Sierra Club is supporting David Campos for Assembly. Many San Francisco supervisors vote for the environment when it is easy, but Campos is one of the few who fight for the environment when it is hard.
David Campos is the clear environmental leader on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He opposed weakening the San Francisco implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act, which is under assault in Sacramento by the Chamber of Commerce. Campos' opponent, David Chiu, supported weakening. Chiu has received over $200,000 in campaign contributions from Chamber of Commerce interests, according to the San Francisco Examiner.
At the Board of Supervisors, David Campos has been the leader on fighting climate change and an outspoken fighter for implementing CleanPowerSF to offer San Franciscans an option for renewable electricity. Campos has stood up to developers in fighting to prevent development in Candlestick State Park, which his opponent supported. In his position on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Campos worked for environmental-justice issues in regionwide transportation decisions.
With recent California legislative defeats in fracking, clearcut logging, and coastal protection, the state legislature needs someone with a record of standing up to corporate interests to protect the environment.
This is why the Sierra Club supports Campos to succeed Tom Ammiano in the Assembly.