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Beach Chalet soccer fields

In 2013 the Sierra Club lost a court battle challenging the Beach Chalet soccer-complex proposal that would pave seven grassy acres at the western end of Golden Gate Park, in the Coastal Zone, with artificial turf, gravel, and ground-up tires. With this defeat, the Club has turned to the voters to stop this terrible project with a ballot initiative on the November ballot. The Fields Renovation Act would give San Franciscans the opportunity to cast a simple "yes" or "no" vote on installing artificial turf and stadium lighting in the western end of Golden Gate Park. The Act requires the City to maintain those same sports fields as grass.

Beach Chalet soccer fields as they are now.

Beach Chalet project

San Francisco proposes to construct a seven-acre artificial-turf soccer field, cut down over 55 trees, expand its parking lot by 33%, erect seating for over 1,000 visitors, pave over more grass by adding almost an acre of concrete sidewalks, install 10 60-foot-tall light standards with 150,000 watts of sports lights and 60 more lights for the parking lot and sidewalks, and bring increasingly larger crowds into what is now bucolic parkland and habitat for over 70 species of birds. The devastating impacts would include elimination of grassy and forest habitat; increased car traffic, noise, and night-lighting; and destruction of the park's renowned natural setting.

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