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Download the Community Marin 2013 pdf.
A planning document for County and City planners to consult on environmental issues in Marin County, co-authored by Sierra Club Marin Group and five other local environmental groups, updating document CM2003.



Phoenix Lake, taken by Stephanie NobleSierra Club Marin Group, P.O. Box 338, Kentfield, CA  


The Sierra Club Marin Group consists of the approximately 4,000 Club members who live in Marin County. All Club members who live here are also automatically members of the Marin Group, a regional group of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Major Marin Group activities include:

Organizing hikes and outings to visit and learn about Marin's natural beauty and resources: Point Reyes Seashore, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Mount Tamalpais State Park, China Camp State Park, Tomales Bay, and San Pablo Bay.

Presenting informative, entertaining programs about interesting places to travel, local hikes, and environmental issues.

Studying issues of importance to Marin's environment.

Speaking out on issues that affect Marin's environment: land development proposals, water supply, transportation, agriculture, parks, recreation, trails, wildlife protection, toxics, environmental justice.

Lobbying City, County, and other officials on these issues.

Interviewing candidates for elected office, researching ballot measures, and providing voting guides for our members.


Sierra Club sues to protect
Coastal California!



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Local Salmon Need You!

Advocate stronger protections
for streams and fish
On October 29, 2013 the Marin County Board of Supervisors passed an interim 29-month "Stream Conservation Area Ordinance" that does little to protect the three iconic species of salmonids that struggle to survive in our streams.  [Learn more]

Spawning salmon. Photo by Todd Steiner

Sierra Club filed a lawsuit against California Coastal Commission and Marin County to protect the California Coast from over- development after recent amendment to the Marin Coastal Plan. [READ MORE.]

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There are so many other ways to help the planet by your choices. Check out our Green Up! page to find the nearest farmers' market, public transportation options and so much more.
The Executive Committee is always interested in learning about local Sierra Club members who want to be more actively involved. For general volunteer information, please contact us, listing your primary areas of environmental concern for Marin and the skills, talents and resources you have to help. We will let you know when and how you can get involved.

Meanwhile, focus on making a difference in your own home, workplace and neighborhood. Check out our Green Up! page to be sure you are doing as much as possible to reduce, reuse and recycle. Get together with co-workers and neighbors to address concerns and ways to improve your immediate environment.

Keep yourself well informed on environmental issues, ecological, technological, social and economic trends and their impact or potential impact on the environment.

Write letters to the editor on topics about which you have knowledge.

Attend classes, lectures and read books, journals and online resources such as the National Sierra Club site.

Attend local city council meetings and Board of Supervisors meetings.

Be a watch dog for the environment! Notice anti-environmental bias in the media or misinformation, and call them on it.

An environmentalist is an active citizen with a concern for the well being of the planet. As a Sierra Club member, you are empowered to speak out, to brainstorm solutions and to use all your talent, skills and resources for the good of the earth and all its inhabitants.

If you are Sierra Club member living in Marin County, you can sign up to receive a monthly email Bulletin containing environmental news and actions of interest ito you here in Marin.

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