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After Thanksgiving Stair Hike - Sausalito, 2009: Stairs.  Photo by L. Campbell

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Top Ten Reasons to Get a Friend or Two to Join GLS (or to join it yourself!)
10.Ever wish you had a group of friends who actually wanted to do your ideas for hikes and different types of outing activities?
9.More members mean more hike leaders.
8.More hike leaders mean more hikes in every calendar.
7.More strenuous hikes.
6.More easy hikes.
5.Statistically, other members' likelihood of meeting their soul mate improves.
4.You can learn how to cook gourmet meals on a camp stove.
3.You can learn how to light a camp stove.
2.You can make friends of a different gender.
1.Imagine how unhappy a thousand queer environmentalists would make George W. Bush... or how happy they will make President Obama!

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