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The San Francisco Bay Area Gay & Lesbian Sierrans is an official activities section of the Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club. While we are a pretty freewheeling group on the hiking trail, we operate by a set of bylaws that we've developed over the years.

Every year in November, we elect a Governing Committee that organizes and oversees our activities. Current GovComm members include:

Chair: Russ Hartman:
Treasurer: Pam LoPinto:
Outings: Prudence Carter:
Membership/E-communications: Jenna Slovis:
Conservation: Ingrid Kreis:
Newsletter: Marsha Lowry:
Publicity: Kelly Sandlin:
Website: Linda Campbell:

In addition, we create special committees as necessary, such as the Nominating Committee that recruits new members for the Governing Committee.

We currently have about 25 hike leaders, who volunteer their time and energy to research and lead our outings. Outings range from trips to museums and other cultural venues, to multi-night backpacking adventures.

We encourage anyone who's interested to become more involved in GLS. There are always a multitude of small tasks that need to be done. Plus, it's easy to become a member of GLS, or to become a hike leader. Please join us!

Home|About GLS|Outings|Conservation|Join
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