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During this difficult economic time, the GLS Governing Committee agreed to dig deeply into the Club's reserves to support four very deserving conservation organizations. While maintaining a healthy reserve for the Club's operating costs, the Governing Committee voted to donate a total of $10,000 which had accumulated over the past decade. The criteria the GovCom used in selecting organizations were that the funds be used for broadly defined conservation purposes, that funds would be dispersed in such a way that conflicts of interest were avoided, that GLS would be publicly acknowledged for its donation, and that funds would be directed to specific, and preferably local, conservation efforts. A review of organizations that had received GLS donations since 1987, as well as suggestions from GovCom members, resulted in the following awards:

$2,500 to the San Francisco Bay Chapter, Sierra Club
Due to a furlough in July eliminating two conservation positions, GLS made an exception and donated funds to the Chapter to be used without restriction. The Chapter intends to beef up their conservation staff in time for next year's elections. Bill Walsh, Development Director, thanked us for a big help during a challenging year! To learn more about the Bay Chapters activities see:

$3,000 to the Ryan Jones Memorial Fund, LINC Program, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
The LINC (Linking Individuals to the Natural Community) program was launched in 2005 as a summer program to serve high school students who have an interest in the environment and in a summer job working on special natural resource projects throughout the Golden Gate National Parks. LINC's summer program consists of six (6), week-long modules, each with a different natural resource theme, plus a 1-week field trip and training. GLS's donation will fund summer supplies and the 1 week field trip to Yosemite National Park for seventeen students! In addition to the "THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! " from Ben Harwood, Development Director, GLS will receive a report on the 2010 LINC program season highlighting the Yosemite Trip, including photos and feedback from students. To learn more about Ryan Jones and his incredible impact on youth engagement and environmental stewardship see:

$2,000 to Inner City Outings, Sierra Club
SF Bay Chapter Inner City Outings (ICO) is dedicated to providing positive experiences in the great outdoors to those who otherwise would not have the opportunity. ICO serves people of many diverse cultural backgrounds. Their goal is to help these people appreciate natural places and develop a desire to protect them. This year ICO led 539 kids on 12 day hikes, 5 backpacking trips, 3 car camping trips, 3 snow camping and 1 snow play trip. ICO's overnight trip locations include local, state, county, and national parks; and wilderness areas in the Sierra Nevada. Day hikes are generally in the Bay Area, some accessible via public transit. Participants range in age from elementary school aged to young adults, and come from a variety of agencies, including public and charter schools and community organizations serving a wide range of youth primarily from the Black, Latino and Asian communities. Their goal for 2010-2011 is 28 trips with 800 youth participant days. Starting next year GLS members will see trip reports from ICO in our newsletter letting us know about the trips our donation has supported! For more info on ICO see:

$2,500 to California State Parks Foundation
In light of the cut-backs in our State parks this year, GLS made a donation to fund operations at Mount Tamalpais State Park. Lee Theisen, Associate Vice President for Development, said "thank you for helping our state parks in this very difficult budget situation. Mt. Tamalpais will benefit by your support; and the support of others like you. I hope your example inspires others to support the park." To learn more about the Foundation's activities see:

Submitted by Pam LoPinto, Treasurer

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